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Build wealth and enjoy, we take care of the rest

Holders Club offers a simple way to invest in a portfolio of unique vacation assets you can enjoy.

Image of a City where you can invest

Investing in single properties is a hassle and not the best option when working
to diversify and protect your wealth.

Big initial investment without diversification.

Owning comes with annual and unexpected costs.

Managing a home is frustrating and not the best use of your time.

Identifying opportunities is difficult with limited market insight.

what we do

What we do for you?

Investment options

We offer a diversified portfolio of unique assets, You decide how much to invest.

No Extra Costs

We maximize income through third party rentals to cover all home ownership costs.

No Hassle

We select top property managers to ensure a best in class service, You decide when to enjoy.

Creation of Wealth

We buy the best opportunities developing local networks, You watch your investment grow.

Image of a luxury home in a snowy mountain for short term rentals
the sea, where you can invest, relax and enjoy
we make it easy

We make it easy


Vacation in the Club’s portfolio across the world.

Bustling Cities: Mature and exciting markets that provide security.

​Destinations you don’t want to miss…​

Breathtaking Mountains and Beaches: Vacation destinations where property appreciation is on the rise.

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